Making the Most of Knitting: Veritas, Antwerp

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Shops that sell wool tend to the preserve of either a substantially mature demographic or the knitting and crafting brigade. Both groups would find the new store from Belgian retailer Veritas to their liking, but it would be considerably slicker and more modern than many they might previously have visited and would also appeal to a much broader sample of the population..

The store is in Antwerp and is a flagship for the brand, which has its head office in the same city. The point about this two-floor shop is, to a large degree, its frontage, which looks like a fashion store of the kind found dotted around Belgium’s fashion capital. The black storefront’s large windows afford onlookers views of both floors with graphics that would be more at home in a designer boutique, green plants and coloured pendant lights, all contributing to the sense of a contemporary store.

Within, the palette has been kept neutral in this historic building, allowing the multiple balls of wool displayed on the perimeter to do their highly-cloured thing.

This is about making the mundane interesting and it is a very good example.