Manchester’s General Store, The Non-corner Shop Corner Shop

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Mention the term ‘Corner Shop’ and you’d be hard pushed not to think of a small store crowded with generally unhealthy food, tobacco behind a closed (sorta) cupboard door and assorted heavily branded alcohol. Oh yes, and there’s probably be a fair amount of space given to newspapers and magazines.

Not so at the freshly opened General Store in Manchester’s Deansgate, in the heart of the UK’s north-western metropolis. This is a slick, 4,500 sq ft  piece of matt metal, scrolling dot matrix displays and an off-white floor. All of which is coupled with an in-store café of the kind that would make most indie operators jealous and there is, of course, an area in which dried foodstuffs can be bought by weight, thanks to a series of perimeter wall-mounted hoppers.

As such, it is almost nothing like the normal picture of a corner store and instead, is a piece of design that suits its central location in an area of the city where towering skyscrapers are the norm. Worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Pics: Memphis Medium