Mango Trials a Tik Tok Teen Store with Barcelona Pop-Up

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A candy-pink store for Tik Tok fans. That, essentially, is what a pop-up from fashion brand Mango is about. Covering 200 sq m on a single floor and located on downtown Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, the aim of this one is to dip a toe in the water with a trial store selling the retailer’s teen range, which launched in the latter part of last year.

On the pink side of things, nothing has been left untouched, whether it’s the mid-shop furniture, or the walls, perimeter rails and ceiling. And towards the back of the shop, there’s a stage. This is intended to tempt 11–15-year-olds to get up, dance and sing while recording themselves doing so, prior to loading the result to Tik Tok, the social media platform that is popular with the age group.

It’s a simple vehicle for the purpose and no date has been set on how long it will trade for. It opened at the beginning of this week.

Images: Mango