Marks & Spencer’s Simply Food Shows the Way

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The search for the food store that feels like a market and makes shopping a pleasure, but which also manages to put money in the till, continues and the latest example of what is possible is to be found in London where Marks & Spencer has revamped one of its branches.

The store in question is in Battersea and in its previous life it was a full line clothing and food store, but now it is an extended Marks & Spencer Simply Food outpost. Standing at the entrance, is it obvious that this is different from most other grocery stores inasmuch as it has a relatively dark interior where ‘hero’ lighting is the order of the day and low units, clad in wood and branded or stencilled ‘M&S Food’ promote a high-volume market ambiance. There is even a grow-in-the-store unit towards the front of the shop where herbs are produced in situ, keeping the eco-foodie lobby happy.

Further into the store, it’s fresh sushi, pizza and coffee, all produced to order and also worth mentioning is the graphics package which is admirable for its simplicity and clarity. As an exercise in taking shoppers back to the way things used to be while deploying modern technology to ensure everything works, this is about as good as it gets.