MediaMarkt Rotterdam | The Big Made Manageable

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How do tech retailers overcome the mild issue of making their stores interesting when the products on display are intrinsically similar and a mild feeling of ennui may be the outcome?

One answer is to do what German tech retail giant MediaMarkt has done in its refashioned 5,000 sq m store in Rotterdam. The existing store has been converted into what the retailer calls a ‘tech village’ – there is one other, in Milan. And what sets this one apart is that brands have been given space to create shop-in-shops and most of these are  pretty successful attempts at turning allotted areas into something experiential.

The other point that always helps is to put a café in as part of the mix – it slows things down and gives shoppers the chance to be a little reflective as they determine how to spend their money on what is likely to be a big-ticket purchase.

Large retail spaces need breaking down into manageable chunks and this is certainly an instance of that being done.

Pics: MediaMarkt