Medly Reinvents the Clinical Pharmacy

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Located, of course, in fashionable Brooklyn, the home of most things new in New York City, the Medly Pharmacy, by Sergio Mannino Studio, is a thing of minimalist beauty.

Using just a trio of colors: white, mint and grey, this new store manages to take the clinical feel, that has been in vogue in modish pharmacies for some years, and make it feel new.

From the floor, which uses printed pills as the motif, to the plain, green-dipped cement counter at the back of the store, this is an environment that has a sense of the serious and scientific about it, but which also manages to combine an element of fun about the whole.

One of the things about pharmacies and dispensing in general is that a wait is normally involved for the customer and with this in mind, there are sharp-looking leather chairs in the mid-shop.

There is also a Medly Phacmacy app that allows patients to order prescriptions online or to collect from the store, another attempt to bridge the digital/physical divide.