Meeting the End in London

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What is it that makes a store stand out from its rivals? The answer to that question is one that every retailer of every kind would like an answer to and those looking at the recently opened End fashion store, a stone’s throw from Carnaby Street, might look and wonder.

This is a two-floor shop that is busy and where the stock is designer skater/streetwear and associated footwear and it is very expensive. That doesn’t seem to deter any of those looking at the shelves of trainers that fill two of the windows, on both floors, which also act as a magnet for passing shoppers.

This is in fact a finely-honed designer selling vehicle and standing at the entrance no particular brand is given pre-eminence over any other, this is a meeting of label equals. And when it comes to display it ticks all the boxes. Long rails hold the hanging stock. These are not double tiered, meaning that a focus can be more readily made. Then there is footwear with Manga-style statues on a mid-shop plinth and, of course, a couple of wall panels and a mid-shop counter with a basin, devoted to beauty products.

The store is so-called, presumably, owing to its curving corner location. All of which means that the word has got out and shoppers flock. It is good, but why it works ahead of others is still a puzzle.