Melbourne for Tory Burch

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Founded in 2004, upscale fashion brand Tory Burch has taken until now (well, the end of 2020, actually) to have a roster of three stores in Australia, as part of a global estate that numbers  around 300 branches.

The new Aussie store is in Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping mall and it has all the hallmarks that have come to be associated with this luxury label with a relatively small store proving once more that aged brass (looking pretty close to gold) has the capacity to capture the gaze, whatever your view of the colour and material.

This is a store that is, to a large degree, about flaunting it, but actually in a fairly traditional manner, with the green awning over the door lending a certain reserved conservatism to what might otherwise be a very flashy retail vehicle.

Overall, the store leaves little doubt about what lies within as far as pricing is concerned and there is the sense that the brand, which launched in New York’s Nolita district continues to flourish, even in tricky times.