Mercado Little Spain Change the Mood in Hudson Yards

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There is a feel of marble-clad luxury about much of the new Hudson Yards development on the Midtown West Side of Manhattan, somewhere where shoppers will go to get a sense of a better (or certainly more expensive) life. Yet head to the lowest level of the many floors of shopping in this scheme and a surprise awaits.

Welcome to Mercado Little Spain, a food hall with a limited amount of fresh market items, where the visitor can imagine that rather than being in part of a $multi-bn project, they have perhaps strayed into part of Barcelona’s La Boqueria market with all of the causal dining that this entails.

From tomato bread to cheese, wine and bread, this looks and feels as if the trappings of Hudson Yards have been left behind and a more relaxed, and certainly more artfully unfinished, environment has been entered.

It also represents a real challenge to Manhattan’s two Eataly outposts which, while they are good, do not have the novelty appeal of Mercado Little Spain.