Milan shows Watt’s Up

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Among numerous events taking place in Milan, Cross Watt Studio hosted a temporary showroom where ALU‘s newest suspended system -ACROBAT- displayed a wide selection of products. Ranging from Leucos Lighting to KitchenAid, Crodino, Hobeperg and Arena, the space was filled with various interpretations of the merchandise. With innovative systems on a rustic backdrop, ALU created an emotional atmosphere, exemplifying ACROBAT’s versatility with different products.

Making our way through Giacomo Watt Street in Milan, MiND explored the best that this temporary showroom had to offer. Here are a few of our highlights.

ALU‘s ACROBAT is an innovative suspension system with an aluminum rail mounted on the ceiling allowing for the creation of many different merchandising and display situations.

At the heart of the showroom, lamps from Leucos Lighting –an Italian decorative lighting company– were used to complement ALU’s display systems. Upon entering the beautifully open space, KitchenAid colorful products jumped out from their white display systems and selected black and white products from Arena Water Instinct –a leading international brand in the swimwear sector– created contrast with the surroundings.

At the same time, ALU offered an extremely versatile system to fit Crodino‘s needs to display its eye-catching bottles. Also on display was a selection of products from the Italian cosmetics brand Höbepergh.

Photo Credits: Lara Peviani