Minimalism Embodied. Sneakerboy, Sydney

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Sneakerboy is an Aussie luxury sports footwear retailer and those entering one of its stores will need reasonably deep pockets if a purchase is top of mind. There is, however, a trade-off between price paid and the environment that will be encountered (although it is fair to remark there are plenty of mid-market and value-led operators who might dispute this) and Sneakerboy’s newly opened flagship in downtown Sydney is a case in point.

By any standards, this is a beautiful looking piece of minimalist work and shoppers wandering around it will encounter the usual sports shop wall of shoes, but in this instance the signage beneath each shelf is provided by a scrolling red dot matrix display and artful back lighting. There is also a real sense of space, essential at this end of the market with both garments and footwear being treated more like gallery exhibits than articles in a shop.

Luxury means buying into a lifestyle and this Sneakerboy store embodies the difference involved between this and more workaday interiors.

Pics: Sneakerboy