Minimalist Sneaker Show in New York

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Another day, another sneaker store and this time it’s the new store from French company Veja, whose schtick is transparency and eco-friendliness. Following the opening of its Paris flagship in 2019, it has now welcomed shoppers to an outpost in New York City’s Mulberry Street, in lower Manhattan.

And perhaps the phrase for this one that spring most readily to mind is ‘less is more’ as this is a store that is a lot more about the architecture than it is concerned than with the relatively small collection that is on display.

Practically, this means exposed brick walls, a lot of natural daylight and a neutral materials palette that mean that the Veja shoes, which have white as their overwhelming colour, do not get lost in the struggle to attract attention.

The minimalist take on selling sneaker is one that has a lot of traction currently and Veja rides the wave.