Mira Mikati: Keeping Things Bright

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Something to lift flagging spirits perhaps, even if it is currently closed. Just ahead of the London lockdown, designer Mira Mikati opened the eponymous Mira Mikati Happy House in the very well-heeled district of Chelsea. And even without shoppers (and when this one reopens, it seems a fair bet that it will attract more than its fair share of customers), the 74 sq m mini-store is a thing of brightly hued beauty.

With geometric patterns on the floor and, seemingly, every surface and wall being a different colour, this is a real attention-grabber. And while this might perhaps sound like a case of the store distracting from the stock, the merchandise itself is so loud, in terms of patterns and use of colour, that it works in concert, rather than against the inventory.

This is a first store for Mira Mikati and you’d be hard pushed not to smile when walking past it. When the time comes, take a look inside.