Mitte Garten from H&M opens in Berlin

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If nothing else, in the last few years H&M has been characterised as much for the stores that do not bear its name, COS, & other stories, Arket and suchlike, as it has been for the parent brand itself.

Yet this does not mean that innovation has been absent from H&M stores and for an example of the manner in which things are changing, a visit to trendy Mitte, in Berlin, is in order. Here, a store unit that was the former 14Oz denim store has been transformed into the H&M ‘Mitte Garten’: a concept store of just 3,300 sq ft with a corridor-like interior with green walls and a series of small open-fronted rooms that appear as a progress is made through the shops.

This is a gentle design from the Swedish retailer’s H&M Laboratory and for those who have downloaded the H&M app, there is a host of services that can be accessed in-store, to check on colour, size and availability.

All this and if you’re hungry there’s a vegetarian café, as well as a garden at the back of the shop.