Molton Brown’s Bluewater Egg

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Selling perfume and scent, at the better end of things is a little bit like, jewellery. The challenge is to take something that is intrinsically small, put it in a large space and then make sure that it is both noticed and not overwhelmed by its surroundings.

With this in mind, it is worth looking at what design consultancy Dalziel + Pow has done while working with perfume retailer Molton Brown in the Bluewater shopping centre. Stand at the entrance to this relatively small space and the thing that will capture the gaze is a marble egg fixture in the middle of the floor, towards the front of the shop.

The egg, coloured green, in question is split in two with the upper half suspended over the separated lower and offering views of the interior, which turns out to be a display vehicle for 27 scents, all treated in a jewel-like manner.

The rest of the store has open-fronted wardrobe-style shelving around the perimeter and is used to enhance the mood with props, scent and green plants, but it is the egg that does all of the work.

Sometimes, a single visual merchandising feature is sufficient to do the work for the whole of a shop.