Moncler Enfant Raises the Flag for Kids in Hong Kong

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Kids looking like mini-me versions of their parents are frequently part of the deal when it comes to standalone designer stores aimed at them. Not so at the 140 sq m, newly opened shop in Hong Kong’s Harbour City where upscale Italian brand Moncler has welcomed its first shoppers, in the same mall as it has operated an adult flagship from since 2017.

This is actually a store of two rooms, with each being covered in brightly coloured polka dots and with each having its own ground colour for these, helping to make the spaces discrete.

From the outside looking in, there may be no mention of ‘Enfant’ in the Moncler Enfant store (the logo states, simply, Moncler), but the cartoon-like mannequins give the game away as far as the nature of the proposition is concerned. Should find favour with affluent and aspirational Honk Kongers.

Pics: Moncler