Moving Towards the Softer End: Homebase in Abindgon

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At what point does a hardware/DIY store stop being that and become instead some kind of hybrid furnishings/domestic project store? For one answer, a visit to the newly opened Homebase store in Abindgon, in central England, might be worth making.

This is in fact a return to town for the retailer, it had a store here until 2019, but this time round the interior is altogether softer and the kind of place that shoppers will visit as much to decide what kind of kitchen or garden furniture to put into their homes as buying or mixing a new pot of paint.

The colour scheme is also distinctly non-DIY standard, being used to create a gentler backdrop for the displays and to ensure that the overtly masculine ambiance that tends to characterise a normal home improvement retail environment is signally absent.

Homebase, like others in the sector, is shifting away from ‘hard-end’ DIY and in the process is creating something that will probably be less mission-based and more concerned with offering the shopper an experience.

Pics: Homebase