MSGM Makes a Brompton Cross Debut

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Flecks of colour on the floor and some of the mid-shop equipment of an otherwise pretty minimalist interior is one way of ensuring that the usual severity of this form of retail design and merchandising is mitigated.

MSGM, the Milanese fashion brand, has set up a 113 sq m shop in west London’s Brompton Cross, where it has names such as Chanel and Acne for neighbours and where it is the look, rather than the price of the stock, that determines whether a shop will flourish or not.

In this instance, the ML Architettura-designed interior should do well in an essentially crowded market, thanks to taking a fairly standard approach to upscale fashion display and playing with it. The brand has also used its signature yellow colour in the shape of a strip of the hue that flows from one of the walls onto the floor and from there across some of the mid-shop equipment.

It’s an interesting new arrival in this affluent part of the UK capital.