Muji Does Things Differently in Portland

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It’s one thing to create a good-looking pop-up, quite another to take the plunge and open a full-line store. That is the progress that has been made by Japanese homewares and fashion brand Muji, which has just opened a large store in Portland in the US’ Pacific North-West.

In the normal run of things, a Muji store is a temple of minimalism where one store looks pretty much like another. In Portland, however, the retailer has employed Japanese design consultancy Super Potato to create an interior that makes reference to its location in terms of the materials used (dark wood for the most part) and to carve up the two-floor space in manner that will be unfamiliar to fans of the brand.

The store itself is in the Meier & Frank building in the city’s downtown area and among other things it has a coffee bar with different roaster taking up residence on a rotating basis. There is also a mobile service, which means that Muji products can be delivered to shoppers by bike – all very green and in keeping with this city’s eco-conscious image.