Muji Shows the Visual Merchandising Way

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At the moment, visual merchandising is frequently regarded as somewhat old-fashioned as a digital wave washes across retail, but from time to time it’s worth looking at how the best merchants still deal with the matter of making things interesting in-store.

And with this in mind, a visit to Muji in Shenzhen, in south China, is probably about as good as it gets. This is a very large branch of the retailer’s empire, but by dint of burnt wood divides and a subtle use of a high ceiling, furnishings and simply clad pillars the size is not immediately apparent.

There are also visual merchandising ‘fascination points’, ranging from white, unadorned sneakers clustered across part the first floor ceiling, to plain wood chairs piled high and acting as an introduction to another area of the shop. Even the cash desk has wool bobbins that are used as a backdrop for the counter in very muted colours.

All this and if shoppers want to stay on at the shop, dine, socialise and perhaps stay the night, there is always the Muji hotel – a cheap and stylish alternative to the big chains across the rest of the city.