Musée flagship opens in Beijing

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The clue’s in the name really. The 300 sq m Musée flagship store in Beijing’s Quianmen may be a consignment store (goods that remain the property of the supplier until sold, with a percentage of the retail price being taken by the shop owner), but there is nothing scattergun about the appearance of the interior, which looks and feels like a highly curated gallery.

The point about this store is that it has been fashioned to have no natural divides, or to have “soft boundaries” as they have been dubbed, and it has a diverse materials palette, with marble, glass, copper and chromed metal all forming part of the mix designed by Shanghai-based consultancy Studio8.

The outcome is a store that is both flexible and where wandering from area to area is like strolling through a contemporary art museum where the items (in this case accessories) just happen to be for sale.

All of this is coupled, it is claimed, with sales associates with a deep knowledge of the products on display, enhancing the business of making a purchase.