Mykita goes for Seconds in NYC

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Berlin-based eyewear brand Mykita has been in New York for a few years now and as a purveyor of almost severe, but stylish, glasses it’s no surprise perhaps to find that the store is in modish SoHo. Since this week, however, there is a second Myita store in the Big Apple and this time it’s in the cloistered, moneyed environs of the Upper East Side, on Madison Avenue.

The new branch is actually a very small affair, being a highly minimalist 50 sq m. That said, the product is diminutive, and the range is highly edited, by its very nature, making this shop a destination even if it is very much less demanding of space than its downtown two-floor SoHo sister.

And all of the hallmarks are in place, not least the white perimeter screens, a small portion of which serve as the display vehicle for the Mykita range.  There is a highly worked-on feel to an interior from this brand and it would be hard to mistake if for anything else.