Mykita Keeps it Neutral in Hamburg

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How neutral can you make a store? The temptation to put a signature colour into a space is something that is very hard to avoid, yet it may not always be the most appropriate solution.

For an example of what is possible when things are kept low-key by design, the newly opened Mykita store in Hamburg speaks volumes. Mykita is a Berlin-based eyewear outfit and its stores are always an exercise in keeping it bland, as far as the colour scheme is concerned.

Practically, this means that the new store, like all others in the upscale chain, features a white metal wall in which holes are punched in a geometric pattern. Lighting behind the wall allows the glasses on display to be shown off to advantage, without detracting from their appearance by competing with them.

The rest of the store is doggedly low key, with beige being the key mid-shop colour, and there is a certain tech aura about the whole. In total, what Mykita Hamburg shows is that you don’t have to be showy to show off.