Nendo in Milan

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Japanese design firm, Nendo created an almost entirely white exhibition at the Jill Sandler showroom for Milan Design Week.

The exhibition, across seven white rooms, entitled Invisible Lines, brings together 16 projects from Nendo including a clothing and accessories collaboration with Jill Sandler called Objectextile. The two brands created unique print designs made by layering photography of items suspended inside cubes.


The designs include dotted, pixelated, camouflage, checked and striped prints, which were taken from photographs of all-white shapes. These were displayed on mannequins placed on the print carpet with an illuminated cube featuring the unique design.


The largest room is a mountain landscape that is made from 80 sheets of forex, cut and fanned out. Visitors can walk through the tranquil white space listening to meditative music.

The latest designs from the company are the colourful jellyfish vases made from silicon. The vases are displayed inside a fishtail and wobbling provides a life-like form.

Nendo’s exhibition at Milan demonstrates why they are one of the in-demand design firms.


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