Nespresso Warms Things Up in Bluewater

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For the most part, you know what you’re going to get when you head for a Nespresso store, with local variations, of course. They are slick and work well as places in which to buy another pack of winsomely packaged coffee pods, to recycle ones you’ve already used or, perhaps, to buy one of the contemporary-looking machines that mean coffee in the house without much effort (albeit a substantial initial outlay may be involved).

And to an extent this is what you get in the newly opened store in the Bluewater shopping centre, on London’s south-eastern fringe. That said, this is not just a good-looking interior that ticks all the Nespresso boxes, but it also has more space than might normally be the case, which is used to house tables and chairs and to create a quasi-café ambiance of the kind that would will probably see passing shoppers taking a second glance.

The warm lighting and extensive used of finely finished wood will also be noted. This is a good addition to the Kent mall.

Pictures: Nespresso