New look at Holland & Barrett in Birmingham

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Holland & Barrett used to be a place where diehard ‘natural’ health devotees went in order to pick up their vitamin tablets and protein balls and feel generally good about having done so. As such, although it had many branches it served a somewhat limited audience.


In the past few years it has changed its game however, becoming lighter, in terms of store fixturing, and brighter and altogether more modern and extending its appeal in consequence. Now it has completed the creation of a ‘Clean & Conscious Beauty’ concept space in its store in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre.

This is an area in the store in which eco-concerns are to the fore and to emphasise this backlit wooden perimeter modules and plain wood mid-shop fixtures reinforce the point. There is also a sink, in keeping with the likes of Aussie skincare retailer Aesop, where products can be test-driven prior to purchase.

Green plants and a low level of ambient lighting contribute to making this a new look for Holland & Barrett, which is undergoing a transformation across its store estate currently.