Newson Plays with Materials Minimally

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The Gagosian Gallery in New York’s Chelsea is the setting for a minimalist exhibition by Australian industrial designer Marc Newson. Consisting of pieces created in collaboration with swordsmiths from Japan, an American surfer and Czech glass makers (the Czech Republic remains a heartland of cut glass production, among other things), the show is a mix of furniture, surfboards and swords, all aimed at providing a fresh take on traditional crafts.

Of particular note are a collection of hourglass-inspired chairs, with the top half of each being a different colour, cast in glass and displayed on a series of rising plinths. It is the space around these objects, as much as the pieces themselves, that help to make the exhibition interesting and the same is true of the space that has been dedicated to the surfboards, each with a different finish, standing proud of the gallery wall.

As a whole, the exhibition is redolent of a designer who wants to experiment with a range of different surface and materials and the outcome is a collection of items that shouldn’t really work together, but which do.

The exhibition continues until February 20th.