Nike Live in Eugene

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Fans of Nike as a brand will know that it was born in Eugene, the third largest city, apparently, in Oregon. Now it has an additional Nike claim to fame in the shape of a small format store, dubbed ‘Nike Live’.

The store joins three others, in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles, towns which probably wouldn’t normally have Eugene as a sister and the point about this 6,500 sq ft branch is that it is designed to reflect its location. With this in mind, the major element of this store is a map which highlights the Eugene history of Nike and which those so minded can follow and tick off places that matter as they make a progress around the city.

Perhaps rather more to the point, this is a store that shows that a Nike emporium doesn’t have to be uncommonly large in order to make its point and there is little about this one that won’t appeal to those in search of a pair of running shoes and some apparel to go with it.