Nike Live on London’s Kings Road

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As an idea, Nike Live has been a reality for a couple of years, having started in Los Angeles’ Melrose district and gradually spread to a number of points around the world. Now it’s reached London and since last week there has been a Nike Live store on Kings Road, in Chelsea.

This is actually a store that has been given a makeover with the idea being that rather than a standard small Nike branch, this one takes its cue from its location, by making local digital and physical information part of the shop’s blueprint. Practically, this means a welcome zone just inside the entrance which makes the point that this is a Kings Road store and then for those with the Nike members app it’s a matter of exploring the rest of the store and adding to the digital information that the brand gleans from its visitors.

This may be a small store, but it is one in which tech plays a major part, whether it’s AI-assisted shoe fitting, or the guided Nike Training Club workouts. Nike has been on the Kings Road since the middle of the last decade, but this is a major shift.

Pictures: Nike