Nike Opens a House of Innovation

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Some might say that there are probably enough places to shop for Nike footwear and clothing in New York without the brand feeling the need to open another store. Nevertheless, the Nike ‘House of Innovation’ on the city’s Fifth Avenue is just over a week old and at 67,000 sq ft and with six selling floors, this is another mark of faith in the ability of NYC to generate cash for the sportswear giant.

From the outside, the store has what looks to be a series of ribbed glass panels, not unlike the sole of a running shoe with just a single Nike ‘Swoosh’ demarcating what lies within. And inside, lies a space that boasts an entire floor dedicated to providing local shoppers with what they have been searching for online. As such, it takes its lead from the Nike by Melrose store on the other side of the country, in Los Angeles.

Then there is the personalisation side of things. Nike clearly considers this to be important with a pair of ‘Maker’s Studios’ in the store, pandering to those who need their name on their sportswear. And finally worth a mention is the ‘Sneaker Lab’, on the fourth floor, which is home to the largest collection of Nike running shoes in the world.

In spite of the proximity of another Nike flagship, in SoHo, this one is worth a visit.