Nike re-creates in Chicago

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Stores that purport to be about getting in touch with the local ‘community’ are usually the domain of mega-corporations who live in fear of not knowing who their customer is. While this may be the case, Nike has proved itself adept at making itself at home in specific locations.

The latest example of this is on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue where the running shoe giant has opened a ‘Re-Creation Center’, for which read a space in which workshops, mentoring and, of course, the selling of Nike merchandise, takes place. The store is the outcome of a collaboration (the second) between the brand and Victor Abloh, Dior menswear’s Artistic Director.

The mentors in this instance have been hand-picked by Abloh and are charged with bringing out the creative side of visitors to the Lab and will be part of the workshop experience. Note should also be made of the sustainability side of things. Nike Grind, a material produced by recycling used training shoes, has been used as one of the shell materials in this store and when the store closes, on July 28th, the Grind will be used to build a basketball court in the area for the NBA All-Star in 2020.

This is, by the way, a shop and customers will be able to use the NikePlus app to buy articles that  are exclusive to the store.