Nordstrom Men’s in New York City

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The Nordstrom Men’s Store NYC represents the company’s first stand-alone men’s store and first full-line store in Manhattan.

With the full store set to open across the street in 2019, it gives customers a glimpse into the look and feel of the Nordstrom brand in NYC. There is 47,000 square feet of offerings over three levels including a wide variety of popular, luxury and designer brand names including exclusive and limited distribution brands.

The store boasts a range of unique tech features such as return stations on the first floor and pick up services on the lower level.

There is a beautiful attention to detail, from the lighting and up-lighting on all products to the metal chainmail dividers that allow customers to journey through the store without the obstruction of walls – allowing for an open, flexible floor plan. The store design concept features an all glass façade that allows more natural light to filter in throughout the whole store.


Another great elements is the carefully placed dressing rooms that are directly in the center of the shopping floors. While small, it alleviates the telltale shopping issue of just wanting to try one thing on quickly or having to hunt down the dressing room area – most of the time located on a different floor. And with two food and drink bar areas throughout the store, it creates a sense of discovery, allowing customers to easily navigate and find brands they might not have experienced before.