Notonthehighstreet Is on the High Street

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To an extent you’d imagine that putting up a highly temporary looking structure on a station concourse might not be the best way imaginable to boost sales and image if you are a retailer.

Yet online retailer, whose stock in trade is giftwares, has opened a ‘store’ that consists of an open-sided wooden frame in the shape of a house on the main concourse at London’s Waterloo station and early indications are that this one is a winner.

The twin effect of massive footfall (this is the UK’s most frequented station) and the fact that there are no other physical outlets for the retailer, mean that this is being sought out as much for its curiosity and scarcity value as for any inherent worth. And as everything that is on show in this pop-up (it trades until November 28th when it moves to the Westfield London shopping centre where it will display its wares until Christmas) is small there is nothing that can’t be carried away, ideal for busy commuters.

All of which says perhaps that if you want to make an impact, you could do a lot worse than be here and then gone tomorrow, with just an online presence to remind you of what has been.