Old Spice Haircuts

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There’s a knowing retro-chic about aftershave brand , Old Spice one that has kept the Procter & Gamble-owned brand going from its origins as a scent for the rough and attractive outdoors types, to today when it’s probably something of an ironic purchase.

That said, and in spite of being more than half a century old, Old Spice has just opened its first standalone retail outlet, in the shape of a barbershop in the university area of Columbus, Ohio. With barber chairs, black and white graphics of men wearing 70s fashions and sporting hairstyles from the period and a boat that has been cut in half to form the reception desk, this is a tribute to how things were, or at least how we remember them (those of us who are old enough).

As a mid-market proposition, this will probably do well with local students and not just those in search of a haircut, but also those who want to smell a particular way.