On the move: Coop, Baker Street, London

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Food to go is one of the hot buttons in retail at the moment and one of the better examples of what is possible from a very limited space opened last week at London’s Baker Street.

This store, from the Coop, is actually dubbed ‘on the go’ and in terms of offering coffee to those heading into the store or travellers hurrying through Baker Street station, this is an interesting hybrid, when coupled with the hot and cold food to go retail.

There is also a (free) water station, where shoppers are encouraged to use their own bottles, a juice extracting machine and, of course, an in-store bakery. And if you feel like pre-ordering, click & collect is part of the formula, as is a card-only area at the checkout, to speed you on your way. Mention should also be made of the hot-food which, while the range may be limited, certainly does the trick of fulfilling ‘food for now’ missions, as well as food-for-later shoppers.

Pics: Coop