On The Road With B8ta

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B8ta is a digital company that has almost no retail heritage and yet it is making a go of physical retail (most of its business is online) where others are floundering. From a standing start at the end of 2015, it now has 16 stores in which companies with new products, predominantly tech-led products, can rent a space and be given the same conditions in a b8ta store as big outfits such as Google.


And it is with Google that b8ta launched a mobile home this month that aims to show some of the possibilities of the products that it offers in its stores. The vehicle is in fact a stained pine trailer with an interior that has two floors, pretty much like a condominium and the launch location was South by Southwest, the music and culture festival in Austin, Texas.

Now it is on the road with Corte Madera and San Francisco in California and Portland, Oregon all due to be visited before mid-April. It’s a simple, attention-grabbing device and should help b8ta as it continues on its upwards path.