On trend in Westfield

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Imagine a store in which the clothes you buy are those that are about to become most wanted, rather than items that are already almost out of date. That, or something like it, is the aim of The Trending Store in the Westfield London shopping centre.

This is a pop-up store that launched today and which takes ‘trending information’ (colour, shape and suchlike) from social media, courtesy of AI consultancy NextAtlas, to determine what should appear on the rails in the store. This is actually possible largely owing to the fact that there are just 100 garments in the store, a number used to reflect the age of charity Save the Children which is 100 years old this year.

The store will only be open until Sunday, but up to a point it does illustrate the likely direction of travel for fashion retailers in the future. It also happens to look pretty good, making fine use of the black wooden fit-out that was installed by the previous tenant, fashion outfit Jack Wills.