Onitsuka Tiger Braves the City Centre

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The general rule of thumb if you’re a retailer that has operated throughout the Covid crisis is to avoid the city centre if you’re not trading there and to downsize your expectations about store performance if you are.

Yet there are those that seem to be looking beyond all of this and the latest store from Asics-owned sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger is a case in point.

This is the largest Onitsuka Tiger to date, measuring 9,300 sq ft and it has just opened on London’s Regent Street. It doesn’t get more central than this and the new store trades from two floors. The ground floor is for the Onitsuka ranges, while the basement is reserved for works by local and international ‘creatives’ and artists.

On the ground floor, the major feature is a freestanding shoe display wall composed of marble. There is also a column that rises from the basement to the ground floor ceiling which is covered with lighting tubes, of two different tonal colours, serving as an illuminated sculpture.

The city centre may yet flourish if players such as Onsituka Tiger are prepared to invest in this manner.