Opium Confuses in Mumbai

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Confusing, but in a good way, the recent 130 sq ft pop-up from eyewear brand Opium at Mumbai airport is a lesson in how light, mirrors and crisp tiling can create an environment that draws the eye; vital for any retailer or brand looking to make an impact on time-pressed travellers.

Designed by Renesa Studio, this is a space where tonal lime-green tiles work as highlight colours among a floor and walls composed of white tiles of the same size. The stock itself is displayed on mini-shelves, each of which is the size of the longer side of the individual tiles while in the mid-shop a pair of tiled tables appear to rise, Escher-like, from the floor, adding to the sense of visual befuddlement.

In total this looks a little like one of those diagrams you might come across in an astrophysics handbook detailing the curvature of space-time, or alternatively, it might just be a starkly coloured curving grid. Either way, it is hard to ignore.