Out of the box. Tupperware opens a store in SoHo

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At some stage in most people’s lives Tupperware will have featured, whether as a series of containers holding food for a picnic, or perhaps as the repository for a packed lunch. Nothing wrong with any of this and the chances are good that the receptacles in question will have passed almost without notice.

This will not be the case in SoHo, New York City, where a Tupperware pop-up shop has just sprung into life at more or less the same time as the plastic container brand’s 75th birthday and at the moment when the website has been given a makeover.

The store itself is white on the outside, with an almost Pop Art feel about it, while within bold colors have been used to lend character to a series of rooms that act as the settings for Tupperware ranges past and present. There is an almost museum-like feel to the whole and it would be hard not to want to at least take a look, even if it’s only on the back of a wave of nostalgia.

The pop-up will remain open until December 22nd.