Outfit’s Branded House

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Suppose that you are a retail group with a lot of brands, all of which operate as standalone stores. Then suppose that you also have a catch-all format in which all of the same brands are housed. This is the proposition of Outfit, the emporium for UK group Arcadia which covers everything from Topshop to Dorothy Perkins and which, in consequence does not feel like a real high street shop, but rather a roof over a collection of brands.

This status quo changed last week, however, as a new look Outfit opened on the freshly-minted The Springs retail park on the outskirts of Leeds. A very shiny logo and two floors, the latter visible from the outside via the floor-to-ceiling glazed frontage, provide glimpses of an interior with large format digital screens, a mezzanine floor and a store layout where no particular brand dominates.

The inference is that this is an Outfit store and one that shoppers will seek out, instead of going to look at, say, the Evans offer in Outfit. As such, it shows that houses of brands are better off being branded houses.