Outside or Inside? Uniqlo Park, Yokohama

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For shoppers and retailers alike, the store’s the thing, or at least the interior of the store, as that’s where the money is made and shoppers get to experience the brand.

That said, there are exceptions and the Uniqlo Park store in Yokohama, overlooking Tokyo Bay, is an example of this. This is a store where visitors are just as likely to spend time on the outside as they will do within. This is thanks both to the structure of the building, which looks very much like one half of a Ziggurat, and the activities that have been placed on each of the store’s exterior levels, making this something like a whizzy adventure playground more than anything else.

Naturally, this is a store as well and for those venturing inside there will be the usual collections of simple and pleasing fashion basics set amid scrolling red dot matrix displays, perforated metal and wooden fixturing and an overall futuristic feel.