Pantone Strikes an Optimistic Note in Hong Kong

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You may, or may not, be aware that ‘Optimistic Yellow’ and ‘Ultimate Grey’ are the colours of the year for 2021, or at least they are if you follow the world according to Pantone.

The New Jersey-based service, used globally to tie down particular colours, whether it’s for garments, interiors or products, has opened a store within the Eslite bookshop in Hong Kong’s Cityplaza mall. The aim is to take solid colours and apply them to items on the shelves of this 600 sq ft shop-in-shop in the hope that the Pantone brand will prove a sufficient enticement to get shoppers to dig deep.

The store itself has been decorated in Pantone referenced colours (you know, because each has a Pantone logo displayed as part of it). Practically, this means a store that has a vivid blue, candy pink and orange as its keynotes with products to match.

All in all, it’s a simple idea, although it is quite hard to see this becoming much more than a local curiosity.

Pics: Pantone  Lifestyle Gallery