Parody Costcutter Opens in South London

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Friday may have been ‘Black Friday’, but it was also Brexit day for a shop in the south London area of Peckham. The ‘People’s Campaign’ (for a second vote on Brexit) opened a ‘store’ called ‘Costupper’, in a parody of the familiar convenience chain Costcutter, using the same logo and an equally recognisable fitout and offering “the worst deals in Europe”.

The store itself was intended to highlight the claim that since the Brexit vote in 2016, the average UK household is paying £546 a year more in for goods due to the pound sterling’s depreciation. Practically, this means that the shelves of the mock-shop are filled with items that will look just like their supermarket branded equivalent, but all of which make the point that things are costing more. This means that tubs of “I Can’t Believe the Price of this Butter” and “Brexmite” (like Marmite, but different and more expensive) are there to amuse and inform.

In terms of making a point and generating coverage, this is at least as good as many ‘real’ shops and sadly even its brief pop-up life looks increasingly similar to the UK high street reality.