Paul Smith Lands in Osaka

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Paul Smith is a brand that travels well and the latest store to make it away from the blocks is in Japan’s second city, Osaka. Here, the designer and his brand have opened a 214 sq m store that is minimalist in intent, with white walls, polished concrete flooring and white light. But it is also on nodding terms with the Japanese tradition of using screens to divide up a space and in this instance this has been realised by creating wooden louvred screens.

The outcome is a store of three parts where a feeling of space is to the fore and where each has a different character, determined by the merchandise that is on display. The highlight is probably at the back of the shop where minimalism is abandoned in favour of an area whose walls are filled with pictures with an ambiance more like that of a busy gallery than a store.

The exterior will raise eyebrows as well, being composed of glazed blue bricks.