Permanence At Last for Google in Manhattan

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It’s been a while coming, but Google has finally opened its first permanent retail space, in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. The single floor ‘store’ actually opened yesterday and is in the same building as the tech behemoth’s Manhattan offices.

This is a brick building with metal-framed glass windows, giving it an industrial feel. But those taking a look inside will find areas for information, relaxation and tutorial spaces and, of course, rows of Google product, both in the mid-shop and around the perimeter. As such, it is quite hard to escape a comparison with Apple’s stores and allowing for the fact that the mid-shop tables are in plain wood, albeit they have rounded ends, rather than square, the sense that inspiration has come from its rival is one that will probably be pointed out.

That said, this is a very good-looking space and immediately places Google in Manhattan’s tech retail vanguard.


Pics: Google