Pettitt’s is Big on Non-Standard

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Sometimes smallish is a lot more enticing than big and when it comes to supermarkets this increasingly looks to be the case.

The newly opened Pettitt’s SuperValu store in County Wicklow’s Bray, just south of Dublin, is a case in point. Many smaller food retailers put in a series of aisles, ensure that they have covered the ground as far as essentials are concerned and then move on to the next job. Not so at Pettitt’s, which is a franchise, in which the most obvious and attractive thing is the prepared food and deli-like area, at the heart of the store.

This is writ large in a mid-shop island which consists of a series of counters offering everything from ‘Hot To Go’ to ‘Asian’, but all combining to make this an area that shoppers will naturally gravitate towards. And the perimeter that surrounds most of this is about service, whether it’s the fish counter or the ‘cheese monger’.

There are aisles (and a pretty good one for beauty), but in total, it is the non-regimented part of the store that is likely to be the big drawer in this location.


Pics: Pettitt’s, SuperValu