Peu À Peu, where the store’s the star

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In fashion, getting ahead all too frequently seems to mean being different as there are just so many outfits that seem to do more or less the same thing. Perhaps with this in mind the newly -opened Peu À Peu store in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou is a case in point.

Walk through the doors and the first thing that will strike the visitor is probably not the stock, but a store-wide overhead installation that looks like a 21st century version of a Newton’s Cradle. Shiny metal balls run around a track (thanks to a mechanical device) with the frame that supports this forming the display vehicle for the fashion that is on display.

The stock may be important, but it’s the store that is the star in this instance and the quasi-industrial grey walls and bare neon strip lighting focus the eye on what has been done in this interior.

At 70 sq m, this is a bijou store, but it is one that packs a visual punch.