Picking Up on Starbucks in Toronto & New York

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The experience of standing in line and waiting for a coffee is pretty much universal for those living in large cities and at times it can be one of the more frustrating moments of the average day. 

With this in mind, Starbucks has now opened two online only stores, Starbucks Pick Up, one in New York and the other in Toronto, aimed at taking the long pause out of the time spent between entering a coffee shop and leaving it. Customers using these stores cannot order in situ, it must be done via a mobile app, and once an order is displayed the progress towards the finished drink is displayed on a digital board next to the counter.

This does mean that upselling, in terms of pastries, sandwiches and suchlike, is difficult to realise, but it also means that shopper gratitude will be apparent and that being late for work owing to a caffeine addiction is less likely to be the norm. And as this a grab and go proposition, there are no seats in the ‘stores’.

Perhaps this is the way forward for coffee drinkers in high traffic areas.