Pineapple Peeling at Coles Local

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Ever tried peeling a pineapple or perhaps looked for a pet treat dispenser? If these sound like somewhat esoteric ways of passing your time, both are available in the latest version of the ‘Coles Local’ format from the eponymous Australian food retailer Coles.

The store in question is in Melbourne’s modish Hawthorn district and as this is a solidly affluent urban area, this convenience store could have as its strap-line, ‘make it quick, make it easy’. The whole of the interior is about ‘meal solutions’ – an offer that suits the needs of those shopping on a daily basis: the cash-rich, time-poor crowd.

As such, as well as the pet treats and pineapple peeling, graphics tell the story. A light box, for instance, at the end of an aisle, poses the question ‘What’s For Dinner?’ while signs above the long, low gondolas read ‘How to build your perfect dinner’ and ‘Grab & Go’.

And while all of this may sound a little frantic, there is enough space to make the shopping journey as fast or slow as the customer may desire.